Without rules, organised chaos becomes uncontrollable chaos. Organised chaos = good, uncontrollable chaos = bad. Good is better. Unlike some rules, these weren’t made to be broken.

The admins are all volunteers so please be respectful and if you’re asked to change your behaviour please listen to them. If you have an issue with a directive an admin gives you, please take the issue to Dave rather than argue with the admins.

The rules:

  • No cheating
  • No speakers (speakers may be permitted but only at the discretion of the InLAN organisers.)
  • No offensive or abusive behaviour including swearing and vulgur language
  • No offensive or abusive nicknames during game-play
  • R18+ rated* games are not permitted.
  • MA15+ rated* games may be permitted if all attenders are over the age of 15. Check with the admins.
  • No drugs/alcohol
  • No smoking inside the venue
  • No windows file sharing (because it is a bandwidth hog!)
  • No pornography
  • No DHCP servers or other network services that could disrupt the network for others. (eg. Internet Connection Sharing, or connecting a personal WiFi AP to the network)
  • You are not permitted to tamper with the power or network
  • Tampering with another attenders computer or possessions is absolutely forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: Opening their case, using their PC without express permission, borrowing items or unplugging equipment

If you’re busted violating any of the above rules, we reserve the right to remove you from the venue.

And a final reminder/warning… trading pirated games/software/movies/music/porn/etc is not permitted!

*If there is any doubt, refer to the Australian Classification Board rating for the game in question.

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