Factorio, a game popular amongst our admins is a hard game to describe at a glance…

  • It’s a survival game – but you don’t need to worry about food or the weather.
  • It’s an RTS – but you don’t command hordes of units into battle
  • It’s a management sim – but you control a character
  • It’s a bit of a city-builder as well – though the only traffic you have to worry about what you load on your conveyors

In Factorio the player has crash landed on an alien planet, and now needs to build up the tools and machines need to get off again.¬†You can’t just construct a rocket by hand however, so Factorio has you build up a factory to do this.

You start with mining iron, copper, coal and stone, build a coal power plant, automate the smelting of iron and copper into iron and copper plates… and you can see how this game will quickly eat your available time. (No, seriously it will).

While Factorio has a multiplayer mode and this is a lot of fun to play at LANs – I thought it would be neat if anyone who enjoys Factorio could play a pre-chosen map and then compare our resulting factories next LAN.

To this end I have scoured the random number generator (actually it was the first one I generated today, sometimes you get lucky) and found this map that looks like it has all we need to get a number of interesting and distinct factories up and running.

If you paste the following code into the “Map Exchange String” field in the new game dialog, it setup your new game to have the same map I am using:


We look forward to seeing the different styles of factory everyone comes up with!

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