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What is Star Citizen?

July 14th, 2014

In October of 2012, Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander Series, Privateer, Freelancer, director of the horrible Wing Commander movie, and now chairman of the most crowd funded game in history, launched his kickstarter for Star Citizen. He hoped to get a million dollars to prove to investors there is an interest in space […]

Many of us purchased Borderlands 2. If you were lucky enough to pre-order at the right time, you should get the Mechromancer character unlock when it is released for free. Here is a rather excellent video about Gaige, the Mechromancer. -TheScream

  NVidia has released new drivers just in time for InLAN on Saturday. We will have them available on the day but you may like to update now. Continuing their 304 Series drivers, NVIDIA has just released their 306.97 driver update for desktops and laptops. Along with updated SLI and 3D Vision profiles for a […]

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